Lying churches!! I have been deceived!

Landed in England.
Know no one.
The best and easiest way to make new acquaintances?

(I don’t like going to church, reasons for another time, but meeting nice people in a public place like a church can be actually fun.)

Walked around town, noting the sermon or bible study times of the churches.
Later I checked my notes.
“Youth reunion, at 8:00pm”
‘Perfect’, I thought. ‘Meeting young people is more invigorating than the elderly. I shall go.’
On the way burdens went through my mind like:
Oh man… how will it be? Maybe they are part of a cult! Maybe I shouldn’t go? Maybe I’ll be forced to talk! Maybe they are sinners! Who isn’t anyway? Keep going… What if they are crazy? … ‘

After 10 minutes of painful meditation on my uncertainty, I gave up. Stopped thinking and kept walking.

Got there.
Seems nice.
Went inside.
Something’s very wrong…
Everyone is staring at me.
I’m the only white-boy here.
Everyone is black.
No one is less than 45. (youth)
Run, sprint or sit down?
‘Keep it cool, sit down, and you’ll run later’ I thought.
Sat down.
Some were staring at me, others were playing it cool, hiding their gaze upon me.
‘Keep it cool. No worries, I shall not be kicked, I suppose… but all those years playing GTA San Andreas, watching gangsta’ movies… gangsta’ music… My lips shall slip. I’ll be racist, and I don’t want to be!’
Pastor approaches.
I’m done for.
Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, damn spaghetti
I’m nervous, but on the surface I look calm and ready…

-Hello, she said.
Whaddup’ homie? -reply went trough my head, heh I’m funny.
-Hello, came out my mouth (phew, close one).
-I am pastor ___ what’s your name?
By this time my mind is racing trying to figure out my moves and words for this new environment.
-I am Roland, pleased to meet you. (smooooth)
-Likewise, thank you for coming, we shall commence now, we’ll talk at the end, all right? –she said smiling.
-All right.

By this time I snap back to reality (Oh there goes gravity), I start smiling, barely holding back my laughter.
Look around one more time.
Some are still staring.
I cool out the tension by looking at them (while inevitably smiling) and giving a head salute.
One by one they smile, and turn around.

In the end 1 hour passed by me having a blast, laughing and enjoying the situation.
I’ve been lied to (by the billboard), but it was definitely worth meeting such nice people.
10/10, went back once more.



An idea struck through my head “be more useful”.
But how?
“Start a blog.”
But blogging is so antique…
“Meh… you gotta start somewhere…”

So here I am.

The curse of the ‘quiet thinker’ (me) is his deplorable ability to communicate and share those ideas-thoughts, hence failing to improve furthermore.

I’m so often misunderstood, marked as “weird”, “quiet”, “serious”, “introvert”, “antisocial”…
I laugh at those pitiful remarks, simply because:
-If there is no one “normal” why am I the weird one?
-I’m quiet because I saw enough loud-mouths that taught me (by their mistakes) the dangers of being one and I don’t want to be that.
-Serious… As far as I’ve seen life is a serious matter. When I’m working should I joke along and waste time? Or going on a walk, hanging out, should I jump on trees, jump in pools so I may be “fun” and “less weird” to others? I’m not living to entertain anyone, I amuse myself in my mind and I’m happy this way.
-Introvert? Want me to pour all my thoughts onto someone so I may be judged, misunderstood, spoken of, frown upon, hated even? Get to be my brother and you’ll see the extrovert I really am.
-Antisocial. Wow… won’t even bother explaining why that’s a funny insult to me.

My personal insights are stored elsewhere, these shared here are useful thoughts that others might benefit upon. I welcome all visitors and their opinions.